Marvelous3 Butch Solo Misc.

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Differnt versions
Into The Black (Promo ver.) (MP3 形式 5.01 MB)
My Way (Remix ver. from the promo single) (MP3 形式 2.96 MB)

"Here Comes The..." EP
(USのiTunesで$1.99で販売されているところを、購入できないファンのためにマネージメントから許可を得てアップさせていただきました。Thanks very much Butch and his manager Jonathan Daniel for letting me post the EP for free, and also thanks so much Diana for sending me the files!)
  1. Here Comes The (JoeZook Radio Edit) (MP3 形式 3.80 MB)
  2. Teenage Lust (MP3 形式 4.02 MB)
  3. Just want you to want this again (MP3 形式 2.59 MB)
  4. Here Comes The (Demo) (MP3 形式 4.00 MB)

Heartwork EP
Last Flight Out (MP3 形式 6.77 MB)
Mixtape (Acoustic version) (MP3 形式 5.8 MB)

コカ・コーラ社"Open Happiness"キャンペーンのテーマソング
ブッチは作曲を担当し、Polow Da Donと共同プロデュース。歌っているのはGnarls BarkleyのCee-Lo、Fall Out BoyのPatrick Stump、Panic at the DiscoのBrendon Urie、Gym Class HeroesのTravis McCoy、Janelle Monaeです。See That Side Of Youのメロディや歌詞の一部を使用しているのは、ファンならすぐに分かりますよね(笑)。
Open Happiness (MP3 形式 7.05 MB)

for the winter holiday season
Christmas All Over Again (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover) (MP3 形式 5.29 MB)
Last Christmas (Wham! cover) demo (MP3 形式 3.92 MB)
Merry Christmas (Butch ver,) (MP3 形式 9.05 MB)
Merry Christmas (Marvelous3 ver.) (MP3 形式 9.84 MB)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (from Jingle Jam) (MP3 形式 2.7 MB)
Live: Happy Christmas (War is over) / John Lennon cover (MP3 形式 2.62 MB)
Live: Merry Christmas (from 99X) (MP3 形式 1 MB)

Official Music Videos
My Way (WMV 形式 7.57 MB)
Sober (WMV 形式 6.12 MB)
Maybe It's Just Me (FLV 形式 7.69 MB)
Mixtape (FLV 形式 10.6 MB)
Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty) (FLV 形式 7.34 MB)
Rich People Die Unhappy (FLV 形式 5.87 MB)
Ships In A Bottle (FLV 形式 14.3 MB)

Unreleased Tunes
Arena Rock Intro (from promo ver. of LOSC) (MP3 形式 3.43 MB)
Perfect Life (MP3 形式 2.62 MB)
Sunny Day (MP3 形式 9.87 MB)
Sweet Song (MP3 形式 7.07 MB)
All Falls Apart ver.1 (MP3 形式 10.1 MB)
All Falls Apart ver.2 (MP3 形式 10.1 MB)

Live at Nectar Lounge (Seattle, WA)
Maybe It's Just Me posted on
Song for the Metalheads posted on
Passed your place, Saw your car, Thought of you posted on
Closer to the truth and Further from the Sky posted on
Mixtape posted on
Diary Of A San Fernando Sexx Star posted on
Joan posted on

Bonus tracks from "Sycamore Meadows" (free bonus tracks at
Voice and Piano (MP3 形式、4.64 MB)
That side of you (MP3 形式、7.88 MB)

Bonus tracks from "Sycamore Meadows" (free bonus tracks at
Voice and Piano (MP3 形式、4.64 MB)
That side of you (MP3 形式、7.88 MB)

Bonus track from "Sycamore Meadows" (Japanese version)
Untitled (MP3 形式、3.78 MB)

from "Leavin' The Game on Luckie Street" (*ripped audio)
Born To Run (MP3 形式、10 MB)

Live at Elbo Room (Chicago, IL) 4/30/2002
(This show was taped by erin.)
Best Thing You Never Had at the soundcheck posted on
Freak Of The Week-Waterfalls-My Way at the soundcheck posted on
Arena Rock Intro-My Way posted on
Sober at the soundcheck posted on
Into The Black at the soundcheck posted on

Live at Magnolia Street Pub (Spartanburg, SC) 10/31/2002
(This show was taped by erin.)
Suburbia posted on
Alicia Amnesia posted on
Diary of a San Fernando Sex Star posted on
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover) posted on
IF (Jeannie's Song) posted on
Every Monday posted on

Live at Village Underground (NY, NY) 5/10/2003
(This show was taped by erin.)
Best Thing You Never Had posted on
Promise posted on
Don't Move posted on
Take Tomorrow (One Day At A Time) posted on

Old Video Messages from the official site
BMO-1 posted on
BMO-2 posted on
Promotoin movie for LOSC-1 posted on
Promotoin movie for LOSC-2 posted on