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Message from Butch (from bw.com)

hey! bet you thought i was dead, didnt you?!?! NO!!!! i have been hard at work, getting everything going for the big '02. i couldnt be more jazzed (i know, its a fruity word, but my dad told me to keep it alive...). well, we are finally here, with the new site, and i am pleased to see that they can actually draw a fucking decent cartoon of me. usually, i look like one anyway, so why not?!?! on to some news.. it's been a busy damn year, and i have alot to talk about, so here goes... the INJECTED album, that i produced, is coming out on the 26th of this month, and the single, "Faithless", is already on the radio (request it, dig?). it rocks... real good....i also produced, recorded, and mixed a new record for a band out of Dallas, called Bowling For Soup... sort of a punk/pop amalgamation... and it is somegood stuff! they are going to be releasing this album this spring, on Jive Records (i know... the same label as britney... no it doesnt sound like her..). the first single is a song called, "the girl all the bad guys want", and i co-wrote it with jaret, the singer from BFS. its some funny shit! hmmm... what else.. where there are a few other suprise projects that i worked on, that will unveil this year, but i cant say, due to legalities, just yet.... but wait!! there's more......... MY RECORD IS DONE!!!!!! i just finished recording my debut record for Arista Records... and get this........ you know what i am calling the group?................. BUTCH WALKER! what a fucking concept! i thought, why not just have it be my name? i mean, after all, i wrote, recorded, performed, and produced the whole thing, so why not just put the final straw on the ego-centric camel's back?!? so i did. it is called Butch Walker.. hey! it worked for others! here are some examples.....

Generation X...... Billy Idol
Van Halen....... David Lee Roth
NKOTB.......... Donny Walberg

okay..... maybe it wasnt the best idea, but i bet my VH1 "where are they now" will blow those motherfucker's away! anyways, i digress... i will be calling the record "Left OF Self-Centered",and it will be in stores this late-spring. the first single, i believe, will be a track called, "My Way" (not the fucking limp bizkit song, moron... frank sinatra did one first anyways...). i cant wait for yall to hear this... it is a cool record, with alot of my influences, instead of just trying to stick to one sound all the way through, just to satisfy the narrow-minded! so if you buy my record, open up the cd, and open up yo mind, and close the blinds, throw your clothes off, and party til your teeth fall out! next......

the concept of playing live.....

we will be doing 2 shows under the name speedtooth, on the 8th and 9th of march, at the old Dark Horse (now called Ten High) in ATL. very small. very intimate. very ruff, first time shows by me, since the marv 3, so dont come to criticize, fuckers! call the club for details about one of those nights being 18 and up! the other night will be 21 and up..... also... the shows will continue later that week, as me and the band travel to austin to play the sxsw showcase. here is how it breaks down.... on monday the 11th, we will hit a tiny club in birmingham, al. called The Nick, for an intimate, fans only show (driving from out of town is encouraged!). next we will take the bus to new orleans, for a small, fans only show, in the small room at House of Blues, on either tuesday or wednesday (call club for confirmation and age limit). then, we will hit austin, tx. where we will headline the BMI music showcase at a room called the Metro (again, we want you to come from all over for this show, but please call the venue for details.. i cant stand to see people outside the venue that cant get in... it makes me sad!). this will be a cool chance to see me break in the new material, and for you to throw rocks at me, and yell things like, "you suck! marv 3 wrote better songs!" ... hey... wait a minute... i wrote all those songs.... sorry...).
also, i should mention that ..... DAMN! if i aint playing MUSIC MIDTOWN again this year!!! that's right. the big debut will be on the friday night at 8oclock, on the 99X big stage! yoohoo!!!!! i love ATL!!!!!!! well, i gotta run to rehearsal, so i can get my shit together.... god that sounds gross... whoever came up with that expression, should be shit...er...shot.